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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoa parasite which is usually spread by the fecal matter of cats. The cats deposit their animal waste in litter boxes usually, and then their owners get the material on their hands as they clean the boxes or aspirate minute amounts of it as they transfer the material. Outdoor cats may deposit their fecal matter in the soil and during rain the protozoa spread. If the contaminant get into garden spaces, then vegetables and herbs can become contaminated with them too.

I know there are good uses for cats as mousers. I agree that this is helpful, and that some people enjoy them as pets. In a collapse, it is very unwise to own a cat, particularly if you're pregnant or can get pregnant. Regardless, anyone particularly immune compromised people can get this illness.

It's believed that one third of the world population has the parasite. In a collapse, 90% or more of the people living in the zone will be immune compromised after a month's duration.

All vegetables must be thoroughly washed and all meat fully cooked in a collapse. Since soap will be in short supply, it's vital that you understand how to make soap (probably from wood ashes and animal fat), store soap, and know how to harvest soap from plants with sapponins in them like bracket fern roots. No matter what, you can wash in a mild wood ash solution with a water rinse, and most probably kill the parasite (along with many others and bacteria too).

A fetus is particularly prone to getting a host of insults from this parasite. It would be foolish to think in a post-collapse world that having a cat indoors in a reasonable aspect of life. Personally I wouldn't allow one on my property, and I realize that this position will anger many readers, something I am absolutely unapologetic about.

Toxoplasma gondii manifests as flu-like symptoms in the short run, and in the long run leads to depression and suicidal tendencies. There is a very high rate of accidental death in affected people and an association with a manifestation of schizophrenia behavior too.

In a post-collapse, many pet owners will release their pets into the wild because they won't be able to feed them. Expect high populations of feral dogs and cats. It is gruesome, but some pet owners will end up eating their pets, and so this poses a high danger of contamination from this practice.

The typical treatment for it is pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine, plus folinic acid. You won't have them.
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