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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bookbinding: the Coptic Stitch Method

The most likely means of bookbinding will be the Coptic Stitch method. It only requires having some basic tools like an awl to drill uniform holes in the paper and covers, some waxed thread like floss, a sewing needle of sufficient size, and patience. Of course if one had a papercutter, then you'll have uniform paper sizes, plus a good way to line them up carefully. I'd recommend having a good sharpener in order to maintain the papercutter, plus all your other tools.

The chief benefit is that book produced this way open FLAT. What a concept! Don't you wish all of your books did that so you could refer to them while continuing to work with your handtools or cook?

Making an oversized one would make an excellent Christmas gift for people to draw in as a sketchbook or to journal or to paste in ideas. Journaling is just about the best prepping tool to impart to children as it allows them to make realistic short and long term goals and dream about a better future.

Prepping is not about doom, it's about Hope, but to get there you need to plan. One cannot plan without writing things down and doing self-assessments about your ability or lack of ability.
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