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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ways to naturally fertilize your garden

Since plants need the basic chemical ingredients that are found in urine and manure, and we need to get rid of these items, it only makes sense in a collapse to do it.

As previously detailed in other postings, urine is as good or superior to chemical fertilizer. It produces excellent blooms for the plant due to potash levels, and the nitrogen is equally necessary for their growth. Since we need to grow as much as possible in a small space, we must fertilize it to get high yields.

Urine must be diluted or it will be too much for the plants. This means that you need to set up a rainwater collection system too.

You could add the urine to your compost pile as well. Urine is safe to add since it usually is sterile. Human fecal matter isn't and contains harmful bacteria. Never mix human solid waste and urine at the same time, or it will slow down bacteria counts and not digest well.

Here's how to compost horse manure in a minimal amount of time: 30 days. Using the black sheet in this method and not introducing a lot of green matter means faster composting.

If one used a garbage disposal, then chopping up the material fine will produce very fast composting since it comes out like a soup.

To power it, you'd need an inverter connected to power it from a dc battery. This is very possible if you have a solar power trickle charger for the battery.

Composting human manure is a length process. I don't recommend it for a tribe of any size. It takes two years, and a lot can happen with soil leaching in two years. It also typically involves a ton of sawdust, something that is difficult to create without power tools post-collapse.

30 days for composted horse manure. Two years for human manure. Big different, right?
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