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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Luxury items for barter post-collapse: Jojoba oil

If one cannot make ethanol easily, than someone can still make perfume and cologne. These essential oils can be placed in a carrier oil that doesn't have a scent. Jojoba is the very best oil since it mimics the natural oils of the skin.

Here are links on growing jojoba. It naturally grows in arid environments, however it can be grown in the South in the US fairly well. The difficulty is separating male from female plants.
[link to www.armchair.com]
[link to www.hort.purdue.edu]
[link to faculty.ucc.edu]

Jojoba oil alone could be traded as an emollient. With so many people working with their hands and exposed to the elements, a much larger amount of chapping will occur. There's no finer oil for this purpose. Imagine a world devoid of lotions. If you raise jojoba and produce the oil from its seeds, many women and their husbands will trade for it.

Four fluid ounces of 100% jojoba oil sells for around $10 USA today. I'd keep some in preps as it's as cracked skin will definitely happen and only a little goes a long way. Your wife or girlfriend will love you for having a supply.
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