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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"We are born weak, we need strength; helpless, we need aid; foolish, we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man's estate is the gift of education."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Be a critical thinker

I've written extensively about prepping and coping with a collapse. Whatever I write is a springboard to your own ideas based upon testing what I write about, doing independent research, and then forming your own informed opinion. You should never blindly accept anything, but test it to see if it's valid.

The nation of the USA is wildly polarized. Brilliant people have different views along the continuum of the world of ideas. Does that mean that one is wrong and another is correct. I'm not so sure. I think part of that may be true, but it might also be true that based upon their understanding of science, faith, experiences, religious upbringing, culture, art, race, values, ethos, and age that what they perceive to be true and valid may be quite different than my own background. This doesn't mean that all perception is valid, far from it! Not every way is true or valid or even acceptable. Don't be like Aleister Crowley and “do as thou wilt”. I'll never accept that notion, but I may defend another person's right to believe it as long as they don't impinge upon my own right and others.

Let's say that you believe in this thing I call the Source and that others call God. Is it better to accept it as a child, or to examine the Holy Scriptures and peer deeply into it and find resonance in it and challenge it and then wholeheartedly embrace it because you find it VALID? I think the latter method is superior. Later when others challenge your beliefs, then you might be able to explain in simple terms why you believe what you believe.

Real love is never about forcing your opinion upon another. We've discussed this before. That is rape. That is evil and not what the Love of God or Jesus is all about.

Let's say that you totally believe in evolution. Why? Let's say you totally deny evolution. Why? Peer deeply into that phenomena and idea and be willing to challenge your beliefs.

If you think that the collapse is coming, then examine why you think that is so. Is it logical? Are there historical precedents? Are there economic, social, cultural, political, military forces at play that lead some to conclude that it's a logical possibility?

Do you think it's nonsense? Perhaps it is? If you think that, then don't just say it, but follow through and prove why you think things are stable and getting better and brighter.

You can't prove a negative, but don't frame it that way. That is called “evidence of absence”.

Be a thoughtful prepper. If you totally disagree, and think that learning archaic agricultural methods are ridiculous, then prove it.

I believe many things. Discover what YOU believe and then travel on your own spiritual, cultural, artistic, physical, mental journey. Don't totally be a follower. Risk being a leader, if only of your own ideas.

Never think that you have all the right ideas. How many trillions of people have lived before us? How many will come after?

Knowledge continues, but we have forgotten more than we can learn. There is more information now perhaps and accelerating than we can cope with. We may not be able to process it all, and yet we seem inclined to embrace that acceleration.
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