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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Christians and Suffering and the Rapture

Probably less than 5% of my postings are Christian. It's deliberately done because that's a personal choice and my goal is teach prepping. This post is aimed at Christians, so if you don't believe or don't want to hear it, then I'd skip reading this one.

A lot of Christians think that when things start to get bad and collapse, that somehow Jesus will appear in the clouds, be visible around the world, and that the true Christians will be taken in an instant and NOT have to suffer through a tribulation.

I don't believe that to be true. If we look at any period in history, Christians have suffered for their beliefs, and I cannot hope that we'll be saved from the Tribulation. It might happen, as it's certainly a very deep topic and extremely complex. I think it's far better to assume that we'll suffer and prepare for it, then to hope to avoid all of the suffering.

I am fearful that many Christians will NOT prepare for this reason. Some to me seem like the foolish maidens who didn't prepare for the bridegroom. They think that since they can just purchase their food from grocery stores every three days, that's it's not necessary to be like their grandparents who stored up food in pantries. Their grandparents and their great-grandparents knew times of great hardship, learned pioneer skills because it was pragmatic to do so, could hunt and fish and trap. They could identify a tree or shrub or herb. They knew how to preserve it. They didn't waste money on things that gave instant gratification, but instead saved their money and purchased items which in turn saved them money. Which way seems more Biblical?
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Matthew 25: 1-13

Those who believe in being saved from such hardship, well in a way it's like not being sympathetic to those who don't believe. After all, since they're going to avoid that, then why worry about it? They feel like, “Hey, my family and I are safe now that we believe. All is well and abundant.” This way seems very obtuse and uncaring and hardly Biblical. It's not the way of a servant.

Worse, some pastors actually teach this. This makes me shudder. They twist the Scriptures and tell people not to prepare since God provides. If that is so, then why work at all? Why not sit at home and watch TV? After all, God provides. It's as if the story of Joseph in the Old Testament is totally forgotten.

There is a deep wrongness in such belief. Can you imagine if suddenly all of the Christians all over the world didn't put up surplus food? Imagine doing that in 3rd world nations? I guess they think that American Christians are special and better? I don't get it whatsoever.

In some cases, I actually have been told that some husband or wives would like to learn to prep and store things, but their spouse told them not to, or worse they got the pastor to tell the would-be prepper that it wasn't necessary or Biblical. Since when do you not work out things by talking rationally with your spouse and intentionally praying for discernment? In any other time in history, would spouses or pastors agree that not being ill-prepared was Biblical? I doubt it.

If you don't think it's necessary in this generation to do so, then why was it necessary in previous generations? Can you not see the signs of the times? Are you so smug as to assume that all is well? Have you spent time in prayer and fasted and looked to God for answers?

Please consider that the Rapture may happen far later. We might certainly suffer. How much more important will it be to have prepared and then help those who don't believe? You might bring people to Christ during that time.
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