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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Contagion and Discernment post-collapse

[link to www.myfoxny.com]

Right now in the worst affected area of Hurricane Sandy, there's a cough going around. Simultaneously there's an epidemic of whooping cough. Historically there are issues with mold in homes, especially when rainwater comes in, or flooding occurs. What is going on in that locale?

This will be a common issue post-collapse. News will spread slowly. We're used to CNN and Fox News and the Internet. Then post-collapse there won't be communication other than locally or if strangers come in, much as occured in pioneer days.

When contagion was suspected, people stayed away in order to better their chance of survival. Strangers were not allowed to visit and were turned away at borders, because they were a primary vector in which contagion spread.

It could be simply a flu locally, but given that people are immune compromised from exposure, lack of adequate diet, dehydration, and being sleepless, then it could grow serious. As preppers you should imagine how YOU would treat it, diagnosis it, and refer to both medical books and herbal books on methods for eradicating it.

The Hurricane Sandy news items are opportunities to independently research prepping. It's not merely to show altruistic concern nor grotesquely act as spectators.
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