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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Showering post-collapse

A long time ago, people took baths once a week. It might be that they had a tub, but the tub required heating up water on a woodstove, and so since it takes to haul it from a nearby stream and heat it sufficient to be comfortable and lots of firewood and the relative discomfort to be around a hot stove, etc then it was rare to soak in a tub.

They often might rig up a shower outside with a privacy screen, then alternating hot and cold water dumped over head,then they could quickly scrub in between, and clean themselves off faster. People took turns heating the water or drawing it to the shower, and so people again could weekly shower. This method is much better and more efficient, but won't work if really dirty.

Many times people simply washed off in cold streams or lakes. Doing so post-collapse with so many people will result in polluting your fishing hole or ruining the water supply.

How much water would be needed for a six month period for a family of four to drink and to shower once a week?

4 x 2 gallons (drinking and cleaning) x 180 days = 1440 gallons

4 x 5 gallons (short showers 26 times (4.3 x 6 months) = 520 gallons

4 x 10 gallons (regular showers 26 times) = 1040

Total amount needed = 2480 gallons

That's a lot of water. You can buy large containers of water from agricultural companies that provide storage containers. You still need to think about how you're going to support the weight of it.
8.345404 lbs. (Weight of water) x 3,000 gallons (typical size) = 25,036 lbs. Very heavy!

Multiple that times the communities need plus the amount of firewood that will typically be used for cooking and heating water. See the issues?
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