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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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More about rapeseed (canola) oil

It's entirely possible that survivors post-collapse will grow rape as a source of oil. I've discussed it's use before, but to jog your memory, rape when planted will heartily break up clay soils, and then often it's tilled under. Since you won't have a plow and a team, and will be doing things by hand, then planting rape will seriously assist you in breaking sod.

Today, rape is often known by a product that's lower in saturated fat called canola oil. This oil however is most often made by GMO seeds. I don't know if there are non-GMO seeds available. I hope that someone can find a source.

It does produce quite a bit of oil per acre, and so it's likely that this kind of oil will be grown for cooking and for lighting in lanterns. Here's how to express the oil with a press.
[link to www.preparednessandsurvival.info]

NOTE: Rapeseed oil plants were often used after oil was expressed out as animal feed, however I've heard that livestock won't touch the stuff.

As previously discussed, sesame produces a better light (less smoky) and with better lumens emitted and not as flickering.
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