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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wanted to continue to encourage and thank you for all of your valuable posts. i am using this information as my personal go-to guide in addition to my hard copy resources. we haven't been preparing as long as many on here, i am sure, but i feel at least we are making an effort. which brings me to a serious personal concern regarding my immediate and extended family. they aren't contributing their efforts towards planning ahead. there is only so much i can personally accomplish, with an already full schedule. how do you motivate others to prepare? unfortunately, my words of precaution are undermined and ignored, resulting in less security measures being taken by those around me. if and when shtf, how can it be expected that i carry the burden of so many? i simply cannot do it all! thank you again, for all your help!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7091719

Good for you for planning and beginning to prep. My postings are meant as only the beginning of information. You'll want to look much deeper, but over time I'm trying to create a resource for people as a backup information source. Much of it has to do with dealing with building community post-collapse, something few people talk about.

The issue you raise about family is the most persistant concerning one. Those of us in rural areas know all too well that family may "come callin' and give us a holler." Of course if they just show up, and they might if the phones go out, then now you have much bigger issues. I doubt most people will turn away family.

If people call and say, "Hey things are bad here. We'd like to come stay with you since it's safer there..." Then what I would say is, "Of course. Please bring _____ and ____ as that's more calories and I can't feed you all. Please bring ____ and _____ as trade items. We don't have ____ tool since it wasn't important, or because you're coming it would be helpful since you'll be working along side of me."

Something along those lines that implies they're not living off of my supplies. Getting people to prep is impossible unless they want to. The easier tack is saying, "You know things are rough, and I think it's frugal to buy food now since food prices are rising, don't you?" By doing that instead with other things like camping equipment, a good practical knife, a firearm, etc then maybe they'll prep by being "frugal".

Good luck to you and write back if you have comments or questions.
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