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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Warming your home (not heating) in an emergency

A lot of people that are experiencing Hurricane Sandy found out that their preps were lacking or they simply were cold since they didn't have alternative heat. People think that it won't get that cold indoors without heat, but the reality is that is can approach 5 degs F of outside temperature.

You can't use a rocket stove indoors. It's not what they're made for. The only kind of stove like that is a rocket mass heater, and that requires planning. See previous postings on that subject.

One alternative is a tent wood stove. They sell them to hunters who've cut out a special flap for the venting. In a pinch one could modify an existing window in a room and bring everyone in that room and warm it up reasonably well. It won't be perfect. See places like Cabela's like this one:
[link to www.cabelas.com]
About $170 US

A far cheaper alternative if you have a spot welder would be to make an ammo can stove. You probably could make it for $50, but it'll take about an hour or two to cut the parts and assemble it.

You could braze it with a torch if you didn't have a welder. It's how you do connect pipes on water lines on your hot water heater with solder.

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