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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Having realistic ideas about the SHTF

A lot of people imagine that if the SHTF, then we're all doomed. Not really. Think about it in history. We've had a Carrington Event which destroyed electonics. We've had the Black Death which devastated Europe and Asia, but most survived. We had a mini-Ice Age in which Norweigan settlers in diverse places in colonies were cut off from trading ships, and the first abortive effort to colonize America ended, but people again sent explorers and settlers to the New World. Native Americans saw rampant disease as they came and lacked the antibodies to cope with it, same in Hawaii, and yet not all of the First People died in the New World.

Life goes on. Some humans live in spite of disasterous events. Even during the major Ice age that killed the dinosaurs, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, etc lived.

Disastsers are not binary events in which either everthing is Disney-like or Doom. The come across a continuum and can be localized or wide-spread. Even the ones across huge geographical areas don't kills everyone or everything.

The best way to prep is to imagine that your time, talent, and treasure invested in learning skills, seed, and supplies are cushions to help you through rough times. People having a surplus for the most part means altrusim is possible. If there is wealth somewhere, then survivors elsewhere can be assisted. That's the human response.

Yes, people can be terrible in a crisis. They can riot. They can use racism to divide them. During the medieval period, religious fervor for the Crusades ended up causing local Jews to be persecuted in England, the latter having nothing to do with a religious war on the Holy Land. Medieval crusaders sacked their own Western cities on the way back from the Holy Land as well. People can act in ridiculous ways out of greed.

My hope is that this topic is about self-reliance. To me, that idea equates to liberty. The more people can prepare for themselves and put away wealth, the more secure they are. Secure people tend to want to maintain trade and peace, for war is terribly expensive in life, property, and goods.

Spending a lot of effort in survival is foolish. Learning old skills to be at one in the Forest i.e. being practiced in the arts of bushcraft is a noble endevor. When one appreciated the Forest and Meadows and comes to know the species of flora and fauna then you become sensitive to the beauty there. In time you see yourself as a species reliant upon the web of Nature.

Here I hope to talk about ways to allow richer more diverse diets because we raise the best food for ourselves. We learn how to cast pots so we can store things like water or even moonshine. It's about learning how to weave cloth and dye it so we can be well dressed.

The alternative is having some other people make or grow those things for us, and that leads to inferior/superior relationships in the short term, and in the long term leads to competition and war.

Prep to make your life richer, not poored by worry about doom and suffering. If we had spent as much money to teach people self-reliance as we have on other government boondoggles then we'd build real wealth and security for our nations.

The Shit will hit the fan someday. It won't probably be from some scary event, it'll most likely be that we're all so impoverished due to being in debt to corporations. That's not the intention of the Founding Fathers in America. It's not the intent of any patriots in any country. That's a brutal kind of Facist state or a government worse than the Romans though they called it a Republic. If one prepares then one can learn how to cope, or you can blindly follow along and be so disconnected from the Land that your feet never touch the Earth's bones, nor grow your food from her soil, but think it comes from grocery stores.
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