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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your defining moment

All of us have some bad history. We did things when we were younger that we regret. We feel shame, even the most noble among us. We live with those moments of weakness in our youth, and then many times they influence us to be better people.

When the SHTF, that will be a defining moment for those who survive. How we respond in those first few moments will make us either debased human survivors or heroic helpers of Humanity. Yes, we could degenerate into anarchy and death, or we could be sacrificing of our time, talent, and treasure and help first our families to become a little more secure, then venture out and help our friends. Some of them will help their family and friends. More and more will help the stranger: the old woman on the block that no one talks to, the lonely guy who's never seen on the street, the poor kid who shows up with bruises, etc. Those people will need help, just as our families and friends do.

Yes, in a perfect world, all people would prep and have not only skills, seed, and supplies, but they'd be willing to share and teach some. We can't expect people to be entirely noble with so much uncertainty, but some people in history have helped widows and orphans and the lonely.

Even the ex-cons traveled out West for a new life on the Frontier and made themselves whole again. People can change. We did, after all, didn't we? Our shameful past indiscretions that we feel guilt about, made us change. Some of them will too, especially if they feel more secure and hopeful.

Not everyone of us is a demon inside. If you watch films, then you'd be lead to believe that everyone in America is criminal inside, will commit adultery, will be violent, all of which will happen if the veneer of civilized behavior falters for a moment. Nonsense! In truth, while people make mistakes, they don't often become demons from the loss of a job, the temptation of a new lover, the chance to even the score when no one is looking.

Be optimistic. Share a crust of bread if the collapse comes. Yes, a crust of bread may only help a little, and may subtract a little from your food stores. No, you can't feed a Horde of hungry people. Can you rise to the occasion, help one person, and be good anyway when so much evil is happening? I think most of you will. You only doubt yourself and others because you've been lead to believe that will happen.

The more you prepare, the more you have a chance to make it. If you prep well, then you can do more and have a defining moment when you really made a difference. Be a shaman: a teacher, a listener, a craftsman, an artisan, a historian, a healer, a leader, a wise woman. We need more of them, for only if we have them, can we hope to rebuild communities.
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