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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Entitled Attitude

Most of us possess an entitled attitude. We've achieved a level of success, and then because we have it, we expect our lives to be a certain way because of our level of achievment.

Let's say that we have a diversity of diet. We eat very unusual things: rich salads of unusal ingredients, rare tropical fruits (like oranges, pineapple, banana), produce out of season from our surroundings (because it can be shipped), meat that's always available (veal, lamb, pork, beef, seafood of all kinds, turkey, chiken) despite never having to raise it.

We shop for clothing that requires slave labor in foreign countries. It used to be that we produced textiles within our respective nations. Now we even have children working to produce shoes and clothing for wages that are shocking.

We expect to move every seven years and usually to a better more expensive home. This is the national average in the USA.

We purchase a car so we have something current, and often purchase it new regardless of the fact that it immediately depreciates before leaving the car lot. We lease cars that we can't afford.

Many of us have lost their jobs. We feel entitled to a certain level of wealth regardless, and when that isn't realistic, we expect the government to take care of us. We reasonably expect part of that since we paid into unemployment insurance, but then when the length of time passed, politicians used that desire to create longer and longer periods of unemployment insurance in order to gain our votes.

Because survival is the base of Maslow's Hierarchy of Need, since we can't afford our food, we expect the government to provide us food. We paid taxes, so we expect in return that the government will assist us when we no longer are generating taxes. As that continues, then we expect for politicians to extend food stamp benefits, and they're perfectly willing to extend it, though the cost is deficit spending of our money.

We all have a sense of entitlement. It's not isolated to one group or another. We have expectations based upon our ethical belief systems, investment in a relationship, our race, our spiritual beliefs, our politics, our countries, etc.

People in the USA have very high expectations about what's the minimum people should have to survive. Whe think that we should have medical care so we can get older and older and live into such decrepitude that the expense rises enormously. We want inexpensive drugs to deal with many issues that we cause ourselves in a brutal kind of self-sabotage. Even though surgeries are terribly expensive, we think that everyone should be able to have them regardless of wealth.

In a perfect world, we could have those things, but at no time in history have people had those things. The true cost of having this kind of entitlement will be enormous, because any government that can provide can also expect that you in turn follow their rules to get it.

It's a farce.

Real health and security cannot be issued by a government. Mostly they come from the people learning skills and storing up supplies to create wealth. It comes from owning property and when times get bad, selling that property to pay our bills.

All people will decline in health as they age based upon their genetic profile, their level of fitness, their diet, and their motivation and discipline. No one is immortal. It is reasonable to expect that if one doesn't take care of themselves for them to decline.

Because people are inherently selfish, most people don't care if others are suffering. I wish they did. People can be briefly motivated to alleviate suffering, and then after a few days return to their normal patterns. As time goes on, they may even resent the suffering.

If you desire a world with those kinds of entitlement, then you'd have to permanantly motivate people to be altruistic. The only other alternative is a restrictive government that enforced its will upon the People. I wouldn't trust that kind of government, would you?
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