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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you for taking the time to write those very insightful and thorough responses! It has given me, food for thought! I suppose every person does feel entitled to live! LOL! But, in all seriousness my griping stems from the fact that I have expressed my concerns tirelessly, which has fallen on deaf ears, so to say. From my own 'entitled' selfish perspective, i don't feel inclined to help those who refuse to help themselves or to better the situation. Does that make me a crazy person for feeling this way? I would only assume it is rational for someone to feel that way if presented with this problem. I wouldn't mind pooling resources if everyone involved were willing to contribute their time and energy to assisting this plan. But as it exists currently, no one is in the right 'frame of mind' to do so. So, i am left feeling duped and inundated with the sole task of prepping or taking 'prudence', alone. But, oh my! If and when SHTF...everyone will start to scramble! Like i said, originally, i barely even know anything about survivalist skills/etc! How could i possibly mentor?! I hope that if/when things do get bad, you and your family are protected. If only more were willing to help one another out, and to share skills and knowledge, this world could be a better place. I reflect on my life and others lives and think of how much time has been and continues to be wasted on consumerism and passive entertainment. It is such a shame that it has come down to survival to motivate myself, and other novices out there to realize such a thing! Thanks again! Hoping everyone has more time! :)
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