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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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But, in all seriousness my griping stems from the fact that I have expressed my concerns tirelessly, which has fallen on deaf ears, so to say.

From my own 'entitled' selfish perspective, i don't feel inclined to help those who refuse to help themselves or to better the situation. Does that make me a crazy person for feeling this way?

I wouldn't mind pooling resources if everyone involved were willing to contribute their time and energy to assisting this plan.

Like i said, originally, i barely even know anything about survivalist skills/etc
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7091719

We all think we have the right idea, and so when our ideas are not accepted, we feel wronged. Instead I would encourage you to find a collaborative approach of working with people and understanding that you don't possess the Truth.

If you don't make the first move to help in an unselfish way, then how will community ever begin? Didn't some people in your history help you even though there was nothing in it for them? Doesn't that mean that since you have gratitude, you might help a stranger following their example?

If you've ever worked on a community garden, many people will help the first week when it's exciting, and then as the routine chores of weeding, mulching, water, pest control, come along...less and less people show up. Then more people come back around harvest time, but sadly often food doesn't get picked and simply rots on the vine or gets woody instead of lots of delicious baby veggies.

Usually a "ramrod" will come along and that person takes charge and realizes that a lot of people will do something but have no passion. In Nature, certain creatures have special abilities, and they focus their attention on doing that. A mud dauber makes great clay containers for their young, but can't make paper. Vice versa, a paper wasp makes great paper, but can't mold clay. Not everyone has talents, but a shaman broadcasts various talents and teaches, and so that falls on some fertile soil and some people learn it.

Someone must be willing to roll up their sleeves and be serene and gently teach. Not everyone is meant to teach, and being a dedicated learner is a good thing. Many people will mentor you in a talent if you are patient, polite, ask good questions, listen, and be grateful. Then it's up to you to pass it on.

There are so many resources today on preparedness and bushcraft and homesteading. It's really staggering and I'm in a state of awe at the tireless altruism of most preppers. Those are the kind souls who really make up the movement, not these bizarro wackjobs that are on tv. They're the ones categorizing plants to make dyes from natural materials. They're the ones who painstakingly photograph and video herbs and research illness and symptoms and how to prepare a poltice or a tincture.

Use the links to open the doorway of your mind and begin learning. No matter what your age, 7-90, you can learn these skills.
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