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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Predators in the Garden: Pest control post-collapse Part 3

Comprehensive lecture on the subject. A good gardener will purchase some supplies and not try to MacGuyver it comepletely. Otherwise you have to spend a lot of time recreating something that approximates the pest control.

Larger pests

Mice and rats will be an issue. If you have cats, they won't but then you have cat feces in your garden which I've discussed causes toxoplasmosis gondii. That can be worse.

Mice don't like mint, but only a crazy person would plant mint in a garden as it takes over and is difficult if not impossible to eradicate.

Other creatures like snakes eat a lot of mice. Don't kill a garden snake unnecessarily. Sure copperheads must be killed, rattlers too, but most snakes are not bad. They also make a good meal if made into a stew because then the meat comes off their many bones. Otherwise you're scraping the meat off with your teeth which is unpleasant for most.

Mice of course can be eaten. Previously I've discussed making a bucket trap with some bait. If you had a dog or cat, this would make a fine meal for them. See precious posts.

Many creatures don't like human hair. It's a repellant particularlly to rabbits. Having rabbit traps around the garden is just good thinking as it's decent protein as long as the rabbits are healthy. Maybe you end up breeding them?

You'll probably see gophers at some point. Gophers eat grubworms, the white fat worms you will find when tilling up the soil. The only reason gophers stay around is there's enough grubs for them to eat. Pre-collapse you can spread an agent that kills the grubs, and hence rid yourself of the gophers.

They make spring-loaded gopher traps that spike them, but this will contaminate their meat with high amounts of bacteria. You might cook this for a long time as a meal for pets. I wouldn't eat a gopher that was harvested that way.

You could try trapping them by regular means. Some peopel "noodle" for them, which is reaching in and grabbing them, but this would be very hit or miss. You could get a nasty bite. Some people actually eat them, and I can't think of a reason not to.

If you garden, don't be surprised to see foxes, racoons, squirells, opposums, and deer come around. All of these are good things to hunt...and you will.

Racoons are most frequently seen in the evening and especially if there's some water around, they'll come down and look around your garden.

If there's mice around, then you'll hear and then see owls in the trees. You'll most likely see a red-tailed hawk sitting on a fence sitting still and waiting to pounce on mice.

Deer are very attracted to seed and salt. Some people deliberately place bait(cracked corn) and salt blocks to either just enjoy them in the Autumn (sometimes Summers) or hunt them.
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