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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Making rope or a net

Earlier postings deal with very simple rope making. You collect some material that is fibrous, and then by taking two strands of it, any seven year old can be taught to twist-away, then turn out a workable piece of twine. It isn't very strong, and so that kind of rope is for very tempory usage.

A much strong rope is made of three strands:

This method requires a little more dexterity, and chances are that any nine year old clever girl can make it, and some boys. For whatever reason, it seems like girls exhibit more dexterity earlier, but at some point some of either gender have the knack for it.

If you had a lot of fibrous material, then after making these primary pieces, then you could make a real rope.

This would require some basic mechanical knowledge, some orgnization to harvest (foraging) the materials or grow it, some wood and tools to carve the spacer, the pole for stretching, the posts for holding it, etc.

Making a net isn't difficult, the issue is making it hold up in water. It takes times to weave, but it's a basic netting knot over and over.
[link to duo.irational.org]

PRINT THAT OUT. You'll make nets for fishing, for covering trees with fruit, for gathering things like a cooking pot that's covered with soot, etc.

Meditate upon this: the more you prep, the less you have to make these things. At some point, things break and you must make them. You have to have supplies and skills. Since you learn things, people will ask for them. You can wear yourself out unless you teach them too.
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