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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Practical tools post-collapse: A peavey

Most people who begin to prepare think about bullets and handguns. I understand, they're worried about security. It's a reasonable first step, but not ultimately practical long term unless one could make gunpowder and bullets. It has it's place in preps, so please talk to an expert about that very complicated issue.

Better to balance your tool budget to include basic firearms, not an arsenal, and more hand tools. I like guns. They're practical and fun to shoot. Be honest and buy and use them for this purpose and not concentrating on them to a higher degree than their value in preparedness. A gun is a tool for specific purposes and is benign most of the time.

All people post-collapse will need to understand how to use tools and will hopefully have hand tools. Most people have power tools since they work faster, don't cause carpal tunnel syndrome, and require less skill. Since you won't have fuel for chainsaws, nor power for cordless drills (unless you have a solar trickle charger), then you sure better understand and have them.

A peavey is an invaluable tool for moving a log and also for lifting it. You'll at first begin collecting dead wood that falls from as debris from storms from trees. Later you'll harvest wood based upon clearing land and needing to make tools or to use as lumber. This means you have to cut it and lift it. Without a team of horses and a cart, it will be very difficult to relocate it. See later posts on how to do this.

Unless you're Samson, or an idiot, you're not going to hurt your back by lifting it with your strength. Chances are if you're the one cutting the wood, you're also providing for your family. If you get injured, they might starve or have no one to protect them.

Even if you had many people helping, they also could get injured. That's fairly normal for an inexperienced work team.

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