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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Stakes are not just for tents

Most people don't make things or do construction around the home. Most people hire someone to do this. Post-collapse YOU will do that, or it won't get done or you will trade to get it done. Regardless you'll be helping because few construction jobs are one-person jobs.

In a collapse, you won't have all the tools you need. If you have a little know-how, you can make-do...but expect some issues from improperly doing techniques and a learning curve.

A stake is driven to create an anchoring point. Let's say you plant a sapling. You want to train it to grow, but it starts to grow toward the sun's arc through your area. It does this based upon the season (yep, solstice and equinox, there was a use for learning that in 4th grade). A rubberized section and a rope can be staked and this can be used to train the tree which way you want it to grow.

A stake if very strong and driven into the ground can act like a pulley. A rope is placed around it, and you can pull the rope against the stake to use physics to move more. A tree would be better, but may not be around.

A short stake in the ground may act as a strong bracing place to use your much larger leg muscles to resist a force or apply a place from which to push from securely.

A stake may anchor a rope or pole used to cook over a fire.

A stake may act as a hitching post for a boat.

A stake may anchor a tarp hastily pulled over a garden to protect from hail.

A stake may anchor a radio antennae in the field.

Think outside the box.
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