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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Field sharpening

If you're way out in some meadow or forest and cutting, then a feller (a little pun) should sure bring along a sharpening stone. I like the Spyderco Triangle method (previous postings) just don't oversharpen the axe or whatever tool you have, because you'll simply knock the edge off faster.

Does that make sense? The thinner the edge, the faster it loses it's edge. Yes, despite all the fun of making a razor's edge, it's not a razor! You probably have seen the famous sharpening guy who shaves his beard with an axe, but it's just a demonstration. We're felling trees not beards!

If you've ever used a scythe, you know that the grass dulls the blade quickle, but it creates very large swathes as it cuts. This means it's a great tool for harvesting hay (has the seed still on it versus straw: the seeds are past nutrional value or falling off or missing). This means you must bring whatever sharpening tool with you.

Since these stones can break easily, obviously having some common sense and a carrying kit is recommended.

It's terrible to have a dull tool. It dulls quickly. We're used to instantaneous use, so that means frequent sharpening under that usage.

You bugout folks brought your sharpening kit with you...right?
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