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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Understanding other religions and beliefs

After a collapse, a lot of people, perhaps even the majority of people might die. As that happens, each human life will become incredibly precious and rare.

Truthfully it's that way now, but we ignore that idea, because to accept the enormity and consequence of it, would mean we'd have to change what we believe and who we are. If we believed it, we'd completely have to transform ourselves and we can't do that alone. We're not wise enough.

Imagine a meadow of blades of grass, and upon each blade are drops of dew. As the sun rises, and the temperature increases, the dew evaporates. Think upon this metaphor as the transitory lives of the billions upon this planet and those who came before you.

They are glittering watery jewels that exist for the smallest span of time and then they are gone.

Each of those people had beliefs. Some believed in themselves and others. They trusted them and acknowledged their wisdom. Some wise ones wrote philosophy. Some created art. Some advanced the sciences. Each modeled the Universe in their own ideas. Some found evidence which verified their beliefs. Some built on the beliefs of others and perpetuated these beliefs. Some of these became theories and others were so verified they became Laws.

Others believed in immortal beliefs. They created myths or believed these myths were real events. They found historical evidence of some of them by scientific means. Others tracked the art of believers through time. They wrote them down usually, though some have an oral tradition. The writings perpetuated the beliefs through time.

Some believed in both ideas from above and religious beliefs. For some, one canceled the other out. For others, together both ideas made more sense.

It's never been about which one is correct and true. That way will make you crazy, and it has made people crazy in history and caused wars, violence, death, even annihilation.

Imagine sitting in at a table in a open air coffeehouse. From where you're sitting, you can see in many directions, but you can't look up very far. You journal your experiences and observations.

Another person is sitting in a highrise apartment looking across a balcony at the horizon. They see the sun, the moon, the sky, the clouds, but cannot see much of the ground. They journal their experiences and observations.

Which person from their lone post has a truer view of the Cosmos?

Both people have different religious backgrounds, races, economic levels and advantages and disadvantages. Both people marry different kinds of people, have different kinds of children. They attended different schools. They experienced joy and passion in their own ways.

When they meet, they have few common frames of reference. Neither can fully understand the other.
In a way, it would be better to imagine that they don't speak the same language at all.

This will be what encountering the Stranger will be like post-collapse. It is how we encounter the stranger today.

Being thoughtful and valuing the rareness of human life and beliefs will allow us to cope.

Ignoring or clashing with beliefs will historically create more wars among the few of us that remain.
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