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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Comparing multiple data to decide where to go

People think of some places as safe, but I'll bet they don't actually know much about that end point destination. They have vague ideas, probably based upon being there on a vacation, and only considering the glowing reminiscences about that time. That's hardly a logical way to plan for a retreat post-collapse, is it?

People imagine their Aunt Jane's place in the country, but when was the last time you really discussed with her what life was like there? Do you understand the growing season? What about the unique difficulties in acquiring water there? Does the seasonal weather in that location poses issues? Think things like tornadoes in the plains. Will many people also try to go to that place as they pass through the region to their desired end point goal?

Do you have the skills to make a life there? Do you have the supplies? How will you transport them? What's the reasonable expectation for you to get to that location? It's foolish to imagine that you could bring enough supplies with you in your vehicle, for even if you managed to leave early and arrive safely, you'd need to bring your family, clothing, supplies for the journey, and maybe have room for a few small items.

The only way to have enough at the final destination would be to have a cache there of the things you'd reasonably need. Even so, someone might take them.

The general rule is to take many secondary roads to finally arrive at the end point destination. Doing so will greatly filter how many people would most likely also get there.

These ideas and many others previously discussed will form the basis of an initial plan for a final destination. The primary concern will be charting a logical path for the journey with alternative routes. This will only get you there, so unless you have a defensible home there with the items you need plus seed, then you won't make it, and have merely given yourself time to die in a quieter way.

Current concerns

The nation of the USA is in the midst of a very serious drought. You hear less now because it's past harvest time. If the moisture continues to drop, then we can expect lower and lower chances of wildlife to survive the winter. Some plants have died and more will due to the season of Winter. Likewise many animals have died, and will continue to die as they do every year.

You could look at the drought map found here, and compare that to the population map I just posted and between the two overlays, think about your plans. A gardener will be seriously watching this data as well as hunters/trappers/fishermen.
[link to www.drought.unl.edu]

Hurricane Sandy
We saw how FEMA responded, and it was far worse than most people imagined. If that's what they do in a predictable storm, imagine a nation-wide or global collapse from economic disorder?

The cold and snowfall will limit traffic. The best guess is watching weather intelligence data and historical charting based upon average snowfall. Learning skills in the Winter is largely limited to book knowledge versus actual field experience. The cold weather will increase the need to control the interior temperature of homes. Most people don't have alternative ways to heat them. They don't know how to do it. They make foolish decisions in their attempt to do it.

Unpredictable weather
Usually some swath of the country experiences bad weather, but it's never clear where it will be. An ice storm could hit, rivers could be frozen and therefore less salt could more on barges, heavy snowfall, etc. Expect power disruptions in certain areas. These could cause additional economic issues or states of emergency.

Holiday travel and Christmas in general
Many people visit their families over the Thanksgiving through Christmas season. This means peak traffic and reduced rates of progress. It also means a lot of unprepared people should it happen when they're in transit.

People have less disposable income leading up to Christmas. They buy shiny toys they don't need and give them to others. They have enormous bills afterward that they can't pay. They don't have the things that might help them in an emergency. They won't be able to afford them after Christmas.

Now after the election, many businesses will have to cut their staff and reduce working hours, otherwise they'll have to offer more health insurance to their workers. We should only expect higher levels of unemployment, and so less stability in markets. Usually temporary workers were hired to deal with higher seasonal retail sales, so these people will also not be working.

Wintertime is a very worrisome time for preppers. There little to no rain, so no rainfall collection. You must have a retreat end point locale that has fresh water. Snowmelt is not a good source. It takes a lot of fuel to melt eight inches of snow to make one inch of water.

Compare all of issues that you normally would consider for bugging out, and then add the issues listed above when making a calculated decision about where to go.
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