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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe we should stop using the word survival

Words impart meaning...that's the basis for semantics. A poet will use special words based upon a lexicon that discusses the historical origin of the word. Then they know that today, the word's meaning has changed, and they'll use that special word to evoke an emotional response to a particular audience. Use words carefully.

The base of the pyramid of Maslow's Hierarchy of Need is survival. Many people exist at this level even if they are not aware of it. Because they don't recognize this, then discussing preparedness from the basis of survival won't compel them to analyze their situation. They're too close to the forest to see the trees. Because they may be on public assistance (they might actually be wealthy on paper) they're aware of their poverty and so they feel like “they can't spend money on things they don't need, nor waste time on learning things they don't need to know”. Since it takes special counseling to slowly teach those folks to prepare, it's probably a waste of your time to do so without special training, lots of empathy, lots of tough love, and patience.

People who are higher up on the pyramid understand that they're not eking out a day-to-day fight for survival, and so to tell them to prepare by learning survival techniques seems foolish and devolving. They worked hard to get more comfortable, and probably many of them are using shiny toys to feel more secure since they're not really loved. Since those toys are their passions, then talking about spending money on supplies, seed, and skills means being separated from them, and they'll fight to keep them.

People on the third level that have love through: romance, family, friendship, and the Source, will generally be open to preparedness since it directly enhances their relationship with all of the people important to them. If you say “survival”, they'll look at you as a kook, for mostly we see survivalists on television as nutty fruitcakes. On the other hand, who hasn't watched a historical program on the First People (Native Americans or tribal peoples for those of you joining late) and then noticed with pride that they descended from those people, and so felt a kinship. They don't equate the two types of people at all, for tribal people lived in harmony with their surroundings instead of purchasing gear to cope with disaster. Other times their ancestors decided to immigrate to a new place, often a frontier and then tried to cope by doing tribal things and living in a tight-knit community, and they have admiration for their grit. Either way, you can generally speak with them about preparedness.

People on the fourth level are interested in esteem. They want to build their self-esteem and they also are respectful of others. They want to help facilitate building self-esteem in those Others, for they see that much of society’s ills are based upon a lack of it. Truer words were never spoken. If you talk about survival, they'll think you got it all wrong. If you explain how being prepared and knowing skills and having an inventory is about having greater self-worth and helping people especially in the lowest tier, then they'll listen. Otherwise, you'll be written off as some ridiculous person who doesn't understand.

The ones at the apex are very rare. They tend to be altruistic because they understand thing intuitively. They like to problem solve. They are creative and creators. They may become artists. This is not to say that people who exhibit these attributes are at the apex, far from it! Look at them completely. See them all at once. If you're very low on the pyramid, it may be difficult for you to judge their worth. Doesn't that make sense? Those folks will only be interested in preparedness if they think it's a reasonable solution for some aspect of healing the greater good.

Communicating about preparedness is not an innate skill. It's one that you cultivate as carefully as your garden. Giving the wrong materials to a struggling plant will not help it flourish. Most of the time, words are of little use to a struggling species, but actions may be helpful if done correctly and sincerely. Still they may not be noticed or appreciated....but may after a long time of their self-reflection. That's way up on the pyramid, isn't it?
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