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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There is healing in mealtime

Most people today don't really eat a meal together. Parents often allow their children to be in too many activities, because we think it will help them get into a better college. The parent(s) who are running them from activity to activity feels ragged and worn. So do the kids. I don't understand what the heck you're trying to impart to your child?

In a collapse, we won't have any of that nonsense. Meals will often be together and they're chances for healing and calmness. The cook will try their best to create something palatable, digestible, flavorful, nutritious, and generate pleasure. Others will edify each other by telling stories, offering encouraging words, praising their efforts, honoring them for their sacrifices, and supporting the family and tribe.

The worst way is to ignore all of that and just serve a meal. Because of the stress, you need to deliberately create those times to help your family cope and heal. Otherwise attrition will slowly grind you down as malnutrition from lack of food types and calories happens.

I know it sounds dumb, but one reason candles burning on a table are special is it makes us focus on each other more and also remember simpler times when family was vital. Another reason is that humans like fire, and candlelight just like firelight makes us relax.

This Thanksgiving or if you don't have that holiday... the next family meal, as a preparedness exercise I want you to cultivate harmony with yourself and your loved ones by doing the above. Work together to create the meal, even if your only contribution is conversation, respect, compliments, or doing clean up without being asked. I'll bet that it creates a warmth in your heart and theirs. It most certainly will generate romance.

If you're trying to prepare, you need to help build closeness with your family, so that you can work together with less conflict. Real preparedness is about learning skills we don't know, then applying them to thrive, not survive. Then when disaster strikes we are healthy in mind, body, and spirit and can face the ordeal in the best way, not in a crippled state.
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