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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Yeah in a post-collapse world, the issue if finding those substances. You have to think in a lot of areas, it'll be unsafe to travel around. When things settle down, we need to be able to find consistent metals for the electrodes and electrolytes. Wood ash produces lye, and that will work. Urine has been tried too. Of course, to create powerful batteries means very powerful electrolyte concentrations and large amound of metal mass. We could find chemical supply houses, and maybe find sulphuric acids. There will be way more lead acid batteries than the survivors can use, but who knows? Some unforseen issue could arise.

Sure, we could find many chemicals and metals longterm from harvesting. There's existing batteries in solar panels like on highways or to run remote weather stations. Large pre-existing UPS systems with battery banks. We could harvest from industrial use ones. I suspect that military operations will do that, though they have their own supply chains.

Wood gas generation could be utilized on generators, but I don't think people are think about how much wood is needed to produce the gasification. In the short term we can use them. We can harvest existing solar and wind systems. As I see it really it's only going to be for minimal lighting, refrigeration, and heat. Everything else is mostly out. Those will be low priority.

It's really weird to imagine ultimately looting to make things operate. I think it'll take a long time for a community to get organized with security and agriculture. Because food preservation is a major issue, we'll need freezers to store food. Sure we can preserve food by canning, but most of the lids are one time use. They make reusable ones, but I'd think that a lot of those will get snatched up as well as jars and pressure cookers. It takes a lot of canning to handle meat, but if the freezers go down then you've lost all that time invested in livestock.

There'll be a lot of animals that will die in corporate farms. There won't be anyone running it, perhaps only a few that're trying to harvest from them.

There's major food warehouses that supply the chains and groceries, but the refrigeration will go out, and of course some bright folks will loot from their to ensure their tribes have food. I'm sure those will be taken or guarded by the military.
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