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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Collapse Scenarios and Fear

Most of the time, collapses are averted. Sure, there have been terrible times in history with wide-spread plague, severe weather conditions, economic disasters, enemy occupation, famines, drought, etc. These usually last for a period, there's a large die-off of the populace, and then since there's less people, there's less demand on the resources, and hence a new equilibrium is reached. As peace is negotiated, help comes from outside, the weather improves, the successive waves of a disease burns out, etc then the situations also stabilizes.

No one can honestly prepare for certain doom. We should prepare by having supplies, learning skills, and this means saving or purchasing seed. The more you do, the longer you'll have comfort to rely upon. Usually the more skills you have, regardless of supplies, the higher chance of survival from adaptation. Yes, there's a high chance of dehydration and starvation in some collapse scenarios; I won't lie to you. However by using techniques (skills), one can slowly create food as supplies run out.

Most preppers are urbanites who are beginning to cope and see a potential for collapse. It would be wiser to continue to learn, especially now that Winter is here and there's little opportunity for field work. Some fear is OK if and only if it leads to practical action to adjust from your current situation to a more secure one.

Cope by beginning a deeper contemplation on spiritual things. Even if you don't believe, consider the possibility of the Source. Live now, not be concerned about the afterlife, but concentrate upon a relationship with God in this moment.

The best way to do that is to improve your health first. Eat better by reducing complex carbs that add abdominal fat. All of you have six-packs of hard abdominal muscles, they're just covered by fat that's created by an excess of calories. Few people eat so much meat that they produce fat. Many though eat meats with saturated fat that gets reprocessed and stored as abdominal fat.

Exercise by walking to reduce that burden. You're carrying in effect many bags of sugar at all times. Picture carrying ten bags of 4-5 lbs of sugar in your arms and hands and juggling them without rest. This is what you are doing. Is it any wonder you feel bad? Do calisthenics that require no equipment. Start with inclined push-ups in a doorway to slowly increase muscular strength. Then as success builds upon success and weight is lost, do regular push-ups. Do slow crunches and then increase the amount you can do. Lift small objects to increase arm strength. Get some tools and do some work. After all of that, if you have a little money, but some dumbbells and strengthen your arms. Who cares if you can do only ten in a row? Keep practicing until you can do eleven and then twelve and then make the exercise harder.

Turn off the TV. Open a book and read about some practical skill. If unemployed, you have more time to do this. Use that time to make yourself more secure with skills. At least plan a garden.

These things dispel fear.

Start preparing for an ice storm. Prepare for higher than normal snowfall. Prepare for a power outage of two week duration. Prepare for flooding. Prepare for being stranded in Winter in a vehicle.

Prepare for economic disruptions from reduced government spending or higher unemployment. While the government spends a shocking amount of money, some cutbacks will also occur, and these are likely to cause a change in government contracts to businesses, less government services, and therefore effects to businesses that support a community.

Those scenarios are much more likely to cause issues, and you having prepared means your family will not struggle as much when they happen. They will happen to some of you based upon history.

Expect food shortages from the drought. Expect lower hunting/trapping/fishing. Expect higher prices because demand is the same domestically, but supplies are limited. Because of globalism, there's world-wide demand which will also raise prices. Being able to grow food items increases your security more than a gun and ammunition.

If mentally balanced, and you have adequate economic resources, then purchase weapons that are first practical, can put food on the table, and also allocate some for personal security. Buy what you can afford in a reasonable fashion. Don't purchase items based upon fear.

Because utility disruptions are to be expected in any season, it makes sense to rotate backup water supplies and have water filters and purification. The cheapest means of purifying relatively clean water is pool shock. Don't buy more bleach than you would reasonably use in a set period. Purchase some water filters and pay strict attention to the methodology and the lifetime amount that it will purify. Know how to use it and its limitation.

People can live in cold climates if they can warm themselves in some manner if only in a miserable way by huddling in a room with high insulation or underground. If in a very cold environment you sure better have backup heat sources. When was the last time your chimney was cleaned? You don't want a chimney fire. If there's already snow, imagine cleaning it yourself on a slippery roof.

You can't plan for complex emergencies without doing the work to amass funds for expensive supplies and skills. At least plan to deal with higher likelihood disasters first. It's like building a cold frame to have some veggies in colder climates versus building an entire house to get out of the elements. Do what you can based upon ability and resources.

Believe it or not, some of you can repair common items by opening a book, slowly removing housings and looking at the interior, finding the broken part, and then replacing it. I did this at 12. What one person can do, another person can do.

Most people can store quite a bit of food, but many will mismanage it based upon rotation. Allowing resources to spoil is a sin. You don't need expensive fresh produce every day. Purchase frozen food instead. Buy canned goods. Many meats can be cut yourself like pork loin and it's far cheaper to do this than have the butcher do it. It's easy. Be careful and not put too much emphasis on one preservation method. If you lose power, you likely will lose freezer stores. Many food items can be made easily. Prepared foods are expensive.

If you have excess food and it's going to go bad, then feed some friends and relatives and build community. Gosh, trade it for their assistance in the garden, or repairing something or in trade for their crafts, etc. Why not invite that couple you just met and make new friends? Why not invite the parents of your children's friends to a meal after church and so increase the people that are aware of your vibrant spiritual community?

The more you can do these skills and have supplies, the less fear you may have. If you find that you have more fear, then you're becoming paranoid. Having a close relationship with God helps create balance.
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