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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Are you starting to wake up about preparedness?

Most preparedness is geared toward increasing security to cope with everyday life economically by building wealth from land ownership, skills, supplies, and seed. Because disasters happen on a frequent basis on a long continuum, those disasters are better to prepare for. They may be minor or serious events that you're imagined, but they may also be divorce, unemployment, separation, flunking out of college, as well as the disasters that you're thinking of.

Only later does it become a SHTF scenario. Most of the time, the event is somewhat limited and happening to a community of people. Because they are there, and the rescuers are far away and must be transported, the first responders are the locals. The only way they can respond is to know skills and have supplies.

Note: they're not called first reactors, are they?

Most preppers that you hear about are the ones with bugout bags and concentrating on the best, lightest, do-all tool like a knife. Actually most preppers are people who might not ever use that term. They're called rural folk. This subset makes up only 16% of the US population, and that doesn't mean they know all of the skills that I've mentioned. Despite the song, A Country Boy Can Survive..., a lot sadly cannot. They do know a lot more, because their mom and dad know more, and so they have a higher percentage chance to make it based upon more skills that they were exposed to and supplies they learned to make or store.

If you came here out of curiosity, at first reading...what's been written may seem weird. I spend very little time on gear. It's not at all like other topics on SHTF prepping. Yep, it's not about that at all. It's about real long-term preparedness. That other kind, is mostly about disaster response. It'll help you for some days until someone rescues you.

Even if you're some badass Navy Seal, you've got to eat. Military bugging out was about living off the land long enough to get back to base, or live off the enemy's supplies, or evade capture long enough for reinforcements, or whatever. I respect these guys. Real folks in this elite tier are not reading GLP posts to become better preppers. Just because an elite soldier can do this, don't imagine that they don't get lost, get sick, don't starve from expending more calories than consuming, etc. Also don't think that because you have the gear of an elite soldier that you can be an elite soldier.

Other people reading this are thinking they'll either become sociopaths and loot from others. I guess that will work, but unless they're planning medieval serfdoms and essentially finding 10 people to work as slaves to work their land, then it won't work. At some point they must raise enough food with slaves to make it work. That hasn't worked well in history.

Others imagine that hordes will kill everyone dog-eat-dog. It's possible and may happen in some areas, but still that will burn itself out based upon no supplies coming in. Most people are very meek and our ancestors would have said timid. They'll die quick deaths from not preparing, or they'll die from violence, or they'll die from late attempts to grow food, or die from mistakes, or die from bad health. I'll say it again, maybe you only have to live a month or two and then most of the violence issues will diminish. Because most rural folks have the land and some skills or at least a high percentage of skills plus weapons then any hordes of urban people will get weaker as they make their way across land to these areas. They will not be at full strength unless they attack nearby suburban areas on the borderlands of their urban centers and then closer rural areas. The further they get from their known areas, the less likely they are to pose a serious threat. It will take the wind out of their sails.

It is possible that military folks (that banded together to make it) might pose a very serious threat. What's easier, to wait for two months and control a military perimeter around the base and eat MREs, or go looking for trouble? The latter of course, and then they might try re-establishing civilization for it wastes less ammunition and supplies versus combing for survivors.

But all of that implies very serious collapse leading to TEOTWAWKI. There's a lot smaller chance of that happening, don't you think?
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