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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A possible way that the military could take over metropolitan center

Consider my recent posts about the importance of supply chains, the lack of supplies by most people in America, and the efficiency of merely waiting for two months for violence to abate. How could the military use this to control an urban center?

All they have to do is blockade incoming supplies for two weeks. Most people will run out of food in three days. Then people get very very hungry. Then their blood sugar plummets and can get so low that it's very difficult to be active without severe headaches and dizziness. Going longer, people use up their frozen foods and canned goods, often gorging themselves out of fear. Then this will be followed by slow panic and the realization that they won't have anything to eat unless someone halts the blockade.

Then the military allows some reestablishment of food supplies, but only with confiscation of weapons. Some people will collaborate and these people will be used to organize house-to-house searches and persuade more and more people to give up their weapons out of necessity. Many of our most basic freedoms will be broken by these illegal acts.

Simultaneous, spiritual leaders that already are working with the federal government will preach about submission to authority. Even leaders not in that program will do it because that will mean “saving lives”.

A mass media campaign will also broadcast what's going on, but only by embedded journalists who actually are nothing more than disinformation agents by the military. This is very persuasive to the sheep, for most won't be working and will be glued to their TVs and watching what little Internet is allowed. Most websites will be blocked in that “troubled” region if it's allowed at all.

If schools are allowed to operate, then collaborators will be used to find dissidents especially at high school and college level. They'll be encourage to rat out the dissidents. They'll teach submission to authority out of a sense of patriotism.

Other smaller programs will be done in other urban centers. Chances are most of these will go smoother with less resistance than the first one.

Any one will opposes these actions will be rounded up. Many neighbors hungry for regular shipments of food will turn them in. They'll also turn in their enemies since it's a good way of getting even.

These will be the ones rounded up into prison labor camps. There they will support the operation of the camp as virtual slaves. At first, they'll be encouraged to rat out other people that are dissidents or that are potential dissidents. Food will be restricted based upon a policy that dissidents are expendable. Many will be innocent of anything, just caught up in guesses as to their political leanings. They won't know anything, but in order to get food, they'll remember someone who wasn't important or was suspicious or that they didn't like.

This is a grim and plausible historical means of controlling the populace.
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