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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Helpful Herbs when the SHTF: Yarrow
or I gotta get this fever down!

A high fever is scary. The body is fighting infections and releases chemicals and increases blood pressure to increase temperature. As it increases, there's a danger that the temperature could get too high and harm the brain. I've seen very high temperatures in children, and this shouldn't surprise anyone for children have a harder time controlling their body temperature, particularly in Summer. It's why they get heat stroke easier.

Yarrow is one of the finest ways to get that temperature back down and quickly. It has a very good reputation for this property.

Nice lady making these videos.

[link to www.motherearthliving.com]

See this link for a clever way to use yarrow for a little one who can't take tea:
[link to www.learningherbs.com]

It's also a great item to staunch bleeding rapidly. I know I've talked about other herbs that do this, but a good prepper will learn many herbs in case you run out or the herb you need is not in season. You also must know many herbs in case you need to trade for them, and by knowing their value, you know how much to trade in your own goods for them.

Note: Use cold water whenever you can if it's dangerously high. It might be unpleasant to them, but you're trying to save their lives. I've helped someone with a scary temperature quickly stop that fever merely by immersing them in a bath of cold water. Then you must sit with them through the night and make certain that it doesn't return and that you don't have to take other measures or repeat the water bath as needed.
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