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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Pre-existing conditions and prepping

If you've been reading this topic very long, you know I'm a big proponent of learning about medical care to help your family and loved ones. The more you understand about pre-existing medical conditions, the more you can help detect them, monitor them, and treat them today. In a collapse, you won't have medical care, not unless you with prep for it, or find a community that has a healer.

This means that your future medical care may be on your shoulders. It's up to you to get tested for issues now to determine if you'll have additional responsibilities in a collapse. It's easier now to acquire medicine or equipment to treat it.

Think and research ways that your ancestors handled the very same medical issues without physicians and drugs. Use whatever medical care you have now, but also know how you might potentially treat it with supportive care with herbs. This means you need a full library plus actually understanding where to find herbs, grow them, identify them, when to collect them, what parts to collect, how to preserve them, how to apply them, how much dosage is normal, and when not to use an herb because of another pre-existing conditions like pregnancy. Many herbs interact with other herbs. They could cancel each other out, exacerbate a condition, or create new ones.

Higher doses don't mean faster or better results, and actually can worsen a condition. Say you take an SSRI to deal with Depression. You run out completely in a disaster. Maybe you have a supply of St. John's Wort, and if you're not taking an SSRI, then you could use that instead. If you took both or if you took too much, you could cause Serotonin Syndrome, which is a terrible way to make yourself freak out and potentially die.

If you have an eyesight issue, then it's common sense to have backup prescription lenses and reading glasses. In a collapse, it's very possible that people will save old prescription glasses from the dying, and then use them for other people to approximate better eyesight (but so imperfectly) . You certainly won't have any new glasses for a decade (very slim chance) or longer(very high probability) if ever because glasses are fabricated upon demand to meet your specific eyesight needs.

If you're using contacts, you might be able to use contacts for a brief time, but realize all contact solutions have an expiration date. Why? Molds and fungus spores are in the air at all times. These solutions contain preservatives that control mold or fungal growth. If you continue to use them past their expiration date, then there's a high percentage chance you'll give yourself a fungal infection.

Many people abuse their eyesight be leaving in their contacts. This not only creates corneal abrasions from this practice, but also it traps in the molds and fungus, plus it starves the eye from getting oxygen (though of course the primary means is from the diffusion of oxygen in the blood from the ophthalmic artery).

Remember those unusual cone shaped devices to channel sound? They're called ear trumpets. When you cup your ear, the sound is funneled into the ear canal better. Hunters use this technique to improve their ability to detect where an animal is located. In a collapse, this will be the best way of dealing with hearing loss. Those inexpensive hearing amplifiers will be an option, but only if you can source batteries. Otherwise you'd be very lucky to find a store post-collapse that had hearing aids.

Many people have an old pair of crutches in their basements/attics because at one time or another, someone sprained or broke their leg and needed assistance. This is a very useful prepping supply as there's a high chance of reusing them again. Almost every old person (not elderly for that was rare in past times) used a cane as they aged. They may not have had enough calcium in their diet or adequate nutrition to allow their legs to be strong enough to walk unassisted. They may have been wounded in accidents or battle and then relied upon a cane to continue to garden, hunt, fish, trap, and take care of themselves. Imagine osteoporosis post-collapse?

If you're a diabetic, or an older person, or have another pre-existing issue, then maybe you'd like to purchase an old wheelchair because you'll no doubt need it eventually. One wheelchair can service a lot of people.

Think upon these things, for that's going far beyond collecting items to put into a bugout bag.
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