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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Martial arts and prepping

Some Christians don't like the martial arts. Some think that it's about some esoteric Eastern black magic and so not anything that a Christian should do. Hmmm, but then they allow their kids to box or wrestle which is based upon Greco-Roman cultures that were polytheistic and pagan and had mystery cults. Hmmmm? The reality is there's almost no religion in the marital arts other than vague references to mythological origins or merely that some of the proponents had Buddhist backgrounds. It would be as ridiculous to bad mouth wrestling for the same reasons.

Other Christians are very passive and don't like violence. They think we're to turn the other cheek, but then I don't see them doing that in real life. Even if their interpretation is about being a pacifist, that's at odds with Jesus telling his disciples to carry a sword (Luke 22:36-38 ). He even told them that it was something they should do, but not to have too many. Most martial arts are about bettering physical strength and stamina and defense, so even these critics should probably reconsider their positions.

If you're like either of these groups and prep, then I guess you're also like the Amish or Mennonites. They're great people, knowledgeable, but frequently abused by others since they won't protect themselves. Good luck to you if there's a collapse.

If you're of some other religion or don't believe in a religion at all, it matters not for the purposes of the martial arts and prepping.

To me, it's just a skill. It's about learning that we mostly defeat ourselves because we don't stay calm and focused and energized by activity. It's a lot like learning how to sharpen a tool, for that's what you're really doing, is honing your spirit and fierceness.

You might practically use your ability to protect yourself once in your lifetime. You might practically use your skill and discipline every minute to make yourself a better person. It depends upon what happens to you and understanding what you're preparing for.

It will make you more aware of your limitations and notice your surroundings. It will increase your response time. It will increase your confidence, but it's no panacea.

Some are sports. Some are ways or a path to living. Others are brutally effective ways to maim and kill. Whatever you chose, it has to be for your own reasons. Regardless it's as much a part of prepping as shooting a gun. Since you may run out of bullets eventually, and since most combat become hand-to-hand at very close range, one can't ignore learning it.
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