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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Lighten up

There's a lot of preppers, mostly the survivalists, that seem to me quite imbalanced. When people hear that word, it's emotionally laden, and they think it's a slam. It's not really. They may know a lot of very useful information about gun repair, making gunpowder, tactics, effective ranges of ammunition, accuracy(the grouping averages toward the bullseye) and precision(the grouping is consistently in the same spot issues), etc.

Many people though get overwhelmed by “doom”. In reality, most of the life skills of a prepper are about life and are life-affirming. Digging a well is about finding a source of water such that not only can you survive, but also raise animals. Collecting rainwater is about making a cistern to use drip irrigation to grow food crops and medicinal herbs. Rock climbing is about enhancing strength, knots, making rope, using physics, and ultimately is about seeing incredible vistas that the Source created.

It's not all doom and gloom, and any TV show or website that portrays that is really overly concentrated on a few aspects of it. If you'll notice, most of my postings are about much more practical things like sourcing good clay for pottery. If you have pots, you can store food, water, make raisin wine, create tinctures, vinegar, etc. It's about living abundantly and richly, not the poverty of The Road.

More supplies in a tribal culture usually meant wealth. It's not the wealth that miserly people stored up in silver and gold, it was about feeding people well nutritionally and so there was plenty to be hospitable to the sojourner (Abraham visited by the angels Genesis 18). It's about feasts and celebration, as many as possible as the result of hard work and devotion to the Land. Those are both essentially about building allies and true friendship, the greatest wealth of them all, next to love.

Soldiers returning from war, must beat some of their swords into ploughshares (Isaiah 2). That's tough, for it takes a long time to “turn it off” because military training is about transforming the basic response of a civilian and unifying a response to work instinctively, correctly, spontaneously, and harmoniously towards the military unit's protection and controlled aggression. There's not much use for it in peace, save perhaps a lot of importance in discipline and a little importance for hunting and butchering. It's why returning veterans have to make adjustments or else their wild spirit will clash with civilians.

Don't get me wrong. The tale of Iron John is an important one, and we've become too timid. Please research that story. It's about the over-domestication of humanity, and losing the essential fierceness of ourselves.
[link to www.pitt.edu]

Life though is not an eternal struggle caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of Pain and Death. It's really about joy, birth, renewal, laughter, mirth, contentment, prosperity, etc.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

As good preppers transforming into homesteaders, you need to discover your passions and then find ways to continue them when the SHTF. Your original passions will most likely change some into new ones. In many ways, you'll become a new creation, especially if also convicted by the Holy Spirit.

Many people assume that all will be misery in a collapse. Yes, much of it will be, but that would be analogous to saying that childbirth was all misery, and that's not an accurate way to look at it, is it? There was the joy of making love. There was the joy of discovering you were pregnant. There was planning and eating healthy meals and celebrations before when sharing the news. There was the birth and the joy of seeing opened eyes and tiny fingers and innocence. There was the awesome weight of responsibility that comes from becoming a parent and the gift of new life. There's a thousand milestones shared as they grow. There's their new friendships. There's the new child's achievements. There's watching them mature. There's seeing them fall in love. Much of true joy come vicariously through another's joy. We forgot that wisdom when we got so self-centered and selfish.

It's wisdom to understand the potential pain of a collapse. I don't know about you, but if I know something is going to be bad, then I can hide in the shadows and be fearful, or I can engage with life and learn skills and store supplies such that I feel better able to cope.

Lighten up. If you feel “darkened” by all the doom, then find some way to light the fire again. Find some aspect of preparedness that makes you optimistic. Let the brief shadow that crossed your countenance be illuminated by a new light.
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