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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Solar Dehydrated Foods chart and a caveat

Here's a link which describes some issues with dehydrated foods. At the end it describes how to convert the original to the dry measurement, something that a cook will need for sure.
[link to peaceofpreparedness.com]

Is there any problem with doing this? YES. Dehydrated foods always trim the fat out, so that's an issue with meat. In a collapse, you'd save that fat, and use it for cooking and render it too for candles. However you don't always want to trim off the fat, because then you've got far less calories, don't you? We cut calories now to try to prevent weight gain. In a collapse, food can be scarce. This is the advantage of canning meat most of the time. The fat can also be preserved and hence valuable calories.

I reckon someone could dehydrate the meat, and then can the fat using regular presser cooker canning methods, and this might be a good idea and something not usually talked about. It really is a function of how many animals are in your area from trapping and hunting versus how many you're raising as livestock. Then it depends upon planning when to harvest and butcher them versus preserving them.

These sound like simple decisions, but really it's based upon the harshness of the Winter versus keeping them alive with feed and disease issues. Many animals in a collapse might be dying based upon the intensity of the weather. If there's a drought for example, or what if the animal feed is running low because of seasonal issues with raising it. That's right, you're raising all of your animal feed as well. In Winter, their immune system is also depressed just like yours gets. If an animal gets sick, then there's always a chance that others could get sick too based upon proximity. It might mean harvesting more and canning them since you're not certain they can survive, but trying to keep some livestock for the next season. If they get ill, then it might be dangerous to eat them.
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