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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Jugged Meat

If you'd lived in medieval time up until the early 20th Century, it was difficult to preserve meat. One method to use when without flour as a thickener and without salt to cure it, was to jug the meat. The liver of the animal was pounded to produce a thicker and not waste anything, and the animal was stewed in an earthenware (clay) pot in its own blood to utilize the salt. Naturally the liver is full of blood as well since it filters it.

The earthenware pot was placed in a water bath inside a pan and this preserved the flavors and combined baking with steaming and cooking.

While squeamish folks might find such think extremely strange, it was a common dish, for it meant you could keep the meat a bit longer from the added salt.

In England, a common dish was Jugged Hare. A hare is a jackrabbit and it has dark meat versus a rabbit whose flesh is often like chicken. Here's a modern recipe for it:
[link to honest-food.net]

Here's a tradition recipe hare royale which is similar:
[link to books.google.com]

A pretty close to traditional recipe:
[link to www.blackface.co.uk]
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