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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Simple dishes to help heal us: Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is a similar category as kimchee. It also produces Lactobaccilus, but also two other cultures of bacteria. It takes quite a bit longer (up to a month based on fermentation and developing flavor), but it's made with common cabbage (versus Napa which many don't grow). I like it that way with fennel seed or anise seed. Other recipes are made with sweetened red cabbage, another common variant that's German. All of these have unique flavors and the sour bite of regular Sauerkraut is quite different than pickled red sweet cabbage which to me tastes wonderful with brautwurst. Mmmm. Makes me hungry and I just ate a huge Thanksgiving meal.

It does contain vitamin C, like kimchee, and so it was traditionally used by some English sailors. You need pickled vegetables of many kinds since you want to extend your harvest. Consider doing this with green beans. They're delicious.

If your climate will tolerate three growing seasons, then often cabbage plants are raised indoors then transplanted into the garden in early Spring (one of the first to go in along with broccoli) and then again in the fall. Some varieties will hold on in cold frames. You can't get the seeds to germinate when it's cold, so you start them inside for Spring. In late Summer, it can be too hot, so you can start them from seed and then put them out in the Fall.

[link to www.wildfermentation.com]

Not fermented, but has a vinegar addition. Great when the apples come in or later to add to it from your supplies.
Sweet German Red Cabbage...simply delicious.
[link to allrecipes.com]

Pickled Green Beans....adds some basil too for variety.
[link to allrecipes.com]
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