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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Invest in yourself and in the Source as a loving relationship

Black Friday makes me nauseated. It has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. It is the antithesis of creating a loving memory of the man from Bethlehem and Galilee (the son of Man) and the moment that the Source (God) came to dwell among us (the Son of God).

Christmas is not about presents. We don't need more shiny toys to distract us from living life in abundance and completeness. We need to live in harmony with our surroundings in the ways that God intended in the Garden of Eden.

This means knowing what Christmas is about and realizing it's about the Presence of God in the lives of humanity as one species of the grand scheme of all of Nature (all species) and truthfully in the infinity of the Universe.

It's not about selfishness, but selflessness and creating a relationship with God that ultimately leads not to an exclusivity, but an inclusivity with a community. Since we know about love because God first loved us, then we want not to beat people over the head with it, but be tender and compassionate and build schools, hospitals, improve their sanitation, grow better crops and livestock, and then if they see our intentions and good works, they might ask why we're helping them. Only then can any talk about spirituality begin.

Talk is cheap. Action is louder than words. Read the book of James.

Real communities that are created by living in harmony results in peace and prosperity especially when focused on relational living with God and Nature, and not attempting such high specialization that we end up not knowing anything practical whatsoever.

Invest in yourself and your family this Christmas. Acknowledge the omniscient and omnipotent Source, and not think that whatever your puny singular mind knows is the basis of reality. Think about ultimate Reality instead.

Can you honestly tell me that investing all that time, talent, and treasure in goods that you can't even remember that you purchased or received... made your life any better for more than a moment? I'll bet that most are collecting dust.

Stop the insanity. Invest your time in nobler efforts that improve your ability to love, honor, and cherish your family. Being able to cook, provide clean water, dig a garden, raise healthy animals, create items like the Creator does, make art that is useful and beautiful...they are the real GIFTS.

These ways make you peaceful but not subtract from your humanity. They don't “domesticate” you into a sheep, but bring you to fullness, self-confidence, and filled with radiant light.

We express our love with a gift. How much more powerful it would be to share our love, true friendship, honest affection for no expectation or goal. Isn't that what you wish to give and spread?

And those who already believe...are you spending a lot of time trying to convert, and spending not enough time modeling a worthy life? Why would you imagine that anyone wants to be like you, if they see someone who believes and isn't any better and maybe worse?

Most “churchtime” is one hour on Sunday. Real spirituality is about the other 99% of your life. Yes, teaching your children by naming the trees and what comes from them by walking in the woods ultimately leads to the wonder of Nature and perceiving Creation. How many young people intuit naturally the wonder of God because of seeing Nature truly? There are few doubters in the meadows and woods. They see the connectedness of all species in a grand design. It causes epiphanies.

I challenge you now to sit down and reexamine the Jesus story. It's so often told that you've forgotten the power of it. Then prayerfully purchase presents for your family and friends to facilitate them into a life of fullness.

Offer to teach a friend a preparedness skill like knitting, sewing, carpentry, gardening, hunting, trapping, fire-making, mechanics, foraging, biology, medicine, chemistry, history, tactics, etc. Then maybe when they see your sincerity and mentoring, then maybe you can talk about God (the Source) after.

That's a long lasting lifetime gift.
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