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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rotating people

If you've ever played volleyball, you know that if the other team has the serve, but your team won the point, then this is called a side-out. Your team “won” the right to serve, so they rotate. Why? If you didn't rotate, the same people would specialize in that position and never get good at other positions.

In a tribal society, we need a lot of generalists. They know a lot about how to do many tasks. One person might be a craftsman or artisan, and they know the task very well. They might “ramrod” the others to help them stay on task and perform efficiently. [ A ramrod is a tool in a muzzleloading firearm that tamps down the material.]

If you don't rotate, but rather live in a community in which you specialize then you literally don't know how to do basic things that your ancestors knew as common knowledge. This little aspect that changed is why most of you can't make it on your own.

In a tribe that rotates, many eyes begin to see inefficiencies in flow or methodology. People get used to doing something the old way. This is how traditions get started. At some point people forget why they did it that way; they just do it. Without introspection there is no innovation.

Without rotation, if the one who heals becomes sick, then all will suffer. If you don't know what a hickory tree is, then how will you know which to gather to cure hams? If you rely upon the cook to always cook, then how will you fare when she is tired and needs a break?

Rotation means passing on old skills, because it's easy to watch, but hard to do. We learn by doing not watching.

Rotation means more people can do lots of things on a solo journey to scout/hunt/camp/trap/fish and then return safely.

Rotation means higher confidence levels.

Imagine all of the different skills it took to fire a muzzleload rifle. Metallury, mining, hunting, bone work, sewing, carpentry, and finally teaching. The ramrod is the one who's teaching the other people and then ensuring safety and doing the final tamp down of the whole process before firing.
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