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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A pellet/bb gun for quiet small game hunting

The vast majority of hunting post-collapse will be taking small game. After firing even one shot, the relatively loud sound will alert many creatures you're hunting. This means less of a chance for a second shot. Firing many shots will allow other people to triangulate your position.

An economical means of small game hunting is to use a Crosman Classic 2100 Air rifle. It's pumped for the shot, not charged with a CO2 cannister. It can fire pellets or bbs, but of course each will have their own ballistics. It is relatively quiet. They cost ~$60-70 US. A bb will probably not do anything but sting an animal. You need special pellets, and you can only hunt as long as you have them.

“But you'll shoot your eye out...” A Christmas Story 1983

Had to say it before someone else commented....

These air rifles are very light weight and will hold up reasonably well. Yes, game animals can be trapped, but squirrels are not dumb, and you'll make mistakes when de-scenting and baiting the trap, and often they'll get away. Sometimes you see one, or a rabbit, or a pigeon in the early morning sitting very still, and it's not that difficult to take one, as many a young person has discovered.

Of course, this is not a regular rifle, and you can't take large game with them since it doesn't have much take down power from the small mass and velocity. While it can fire very far based upon high elevation, without a scope, you can only expect 25 yard accuracy unless you practice a lot. It does produce around 5 ft-lbs of energy to knockdown not penetrate the creature. (Multiple strokes of pumping). The video talks about having ~10 ft-lbs of energy to take down a rabbit or squirrel such that they don't suffer. There's wisdom to that. More energy 10-30 ft-lbs might be needed for larger game.

A Crosman Titan GP .22 Caliber Air Rifle will develop up to 12 ft-lbs. Do some research. Like all postings, this is a springboard for you to consider and discover more about the subject

[link to www.airgununiverse.net]

Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder school likes the Crosman Phantom 1000 Air Rifle, however they are out of stock and you could only purchase one used in all probability. They retailed for ~$150 US (used about $80)

A long article about them:
[link to www.survivalblog.com]

The manuals in pdf form:
[link to www.crosman.com]

[link to www.crosman.com]
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