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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hunting Pellets for an Air Rifle

Hunting Pellets are the only kind of ammunition you should attempt to utilize in an air rifle for hunting purposes. The small amount of velocity generated ( we'll end up using acceleration but wait for it) and the small mass of the bb will only produce a small force. That's Newton's Second Law of Motion that your science teachers kept going on and on about in school. Had you listened, you might have understood it, and become a good hunter/homesteader. See, they actually do teach some things in school that are important.

A hunting pellet will have differing shapes and mass and will produce a different ballistic pattern, but of course more mass means the pellet will need more pressure generated (pumping more) in order to create a smooth shot to the end target.

Lewis and Clark actually used the first created air rifle, so don't discount something as a toy that others are actually hunting with. Because the pellets are very inexpensive for even the best pellets, they're a wise way to save money to take small game.

[Some people doubt the veracity of this story.]

Remember though that most of the time, if in a rural zone, you'll most likely take more game animals regularly by trapping. This is the historic means of successfully acquiring meat for the table.

The least expensive have the least accurate ballistics and cost $0.016 a pellet. Super cheap and come in tins of 500

The most expensive have superior ballistics and cost $0.02 a pellet, not much difference and come in a box of 1250. I would transfer the pellets into an old tin Altoid can or similar if purchasing the more expensive ones. You sure wouldn't want them to spill on the ground, and then end up introducing the abrasive dirt into the barrel.

There are many kinds of scopes from $30 on up, and you can end up doubling the price of the rifle based upon this. Remember, this is truly a short range weapon. Don't get carried away.
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