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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What not to do

I've been writing some 780+ posts, and some of you may wonder, “What the heck is this guy's goal? Why does he obsessively write these insights and techniques on living more fully as a human species? What is his intention? What's the catch? What's in it for him? Why bother?”

Some of you may have guessed or theorized that I'm writing a book to sell or some gear. You might think this is about conversion to Christianity. Nope.

The goal is to free your mind and my intentions are altruistic.

People in history mostly follow others. They get caught up in day-to-day drudgery and think they're powerless. They think they have zero autonomy.

They think that life is so hard because they're bored. Their lives are routine. They don't know enough to do other things, only what they've been taught by others in order to acquire a job. Then they throw away their learning and only focus on the activities which put food on the table.

Learning is a good thing. It's about the transmission of information. Because your learned how to do something that an ancestor learned from theirs, then the species in general can perpetuate themselves.

Learning is a function of intelligence. It's only one step on the ladder to enlightenment. We learn from the ideas of others.

Wisdom is something else entirely. Wisdom is the discernment of that learning to perceive the value and truth of that learning. It's an advancement of the process of enlightenment. Wisdom cannot be learned from others, but it is usually modeled by others. We see something that know and their lives are in sync with a truth and so we call them “wise”.

There are more steps to enlightenment, but I digress. What is my goal? I want you to think for yourselves.

The reason you feel bored is (sshhhhh, don't tell) you're a slave. You are not freemen or freewomen. You sold your mind, body, and souls for regular money to purchase necessities and shiny toys.

It isn't satisfying, is it? It's why many of you feel listless.

In a disaster, people wake up after only 24 hours. They realize, “Say, I'm on my own. I can't get to my job. I can't rely upon what's in my home. A lot of the things I thought were important, have zero value now. I can't do the most basic routine activities that any human in history could do. I have less technical ability than the earliest hunter/gatherers who were cavemen, and I obviously have less technical ability than the first agricultural people. I have devolved.”

In that epiphany, you will become FREE.

Because there are a lot of resources, you can re-learn what is important, but if you simply revert to this, you'll be no better off than someone at the time of the colonization of North America.

Is is well to gain wisdom from watching mentors. Still this is not what you should solely do.

What you should do is THINK. A thinker is able to create their own ideas. They take the ideas of others(learning), they consider the validity of the ideas of many (wisdom) and then they think of their own ideas. Then they create something new. This is freedom. It's a freedom to decide yourselves.

Real freedom exists when people become thinkers. If you only do what you're told, you can become a slave. At worst you'll become a robot and lose your humanity entirely.

Don't just read my posts and think, “Hmmm that's a good idea. That might be useful.....” and then drift off into being a slave again.

If we had not sold our souls after the Enlightenment, but had kept progressing as a species and not specialized to the point of becoming cogs in a machine, then we'd be far more advanced than we are today. Henry Ford even called it “automation”. He created a system that creates automatons(robots) who do a limited activity to produce shiny toys.

Think for yourselves. Become freemen and freewomen.
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