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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A laptop is a tool to think, but you can use a journal instead

Many preppers think about food and supplies, but don't think about tools as much, until they begin to transition into homesteaders. A tool is just as important, because it would take a long time to construct one, if possible at all(think foraging metal and mining it), and will save you time which is your main-most worry.

You probably don't think of a laptop as a tool, but merely as a computer to surf the Web or to play games or to write papers or do calculations or to watch a film or .hey it is a tool isn't it?

A laptop is a very helpful tool to help you become a critical thinker. It allows you to store information, access it again as you get old and fuzzy thinking (where the heck are my glasses?). You will forget things unless you write them down. It has programs like a spreadsheet to not only plan but calculate in one place. It helps you focus your thoughts in a journal to outline your ideas, transition those into sentences and paragraphs, and then create a document.

[In my case, a hastily constructed one with poor spelling, dropped words, and grammatical errors galore. There's some benefit to being a GLP member for you can correct those things.]

Now I've discussed journals, and yes, in a grid down condition, those are great. If you have power backup like I do with a solar battery charger, then you could still use a laptop for brief periods of time. That's all you'll have anyway because of being so busy. They emit light so you can work in the dark without a flashlight which is pretty terrific.

Yes, a journal will do the trick for most things for recording and retrieving and portability. That would be invaluable in an EMP collapse. See previous postings on ink, paper, bookbinding, and journalling.
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