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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you really want to save money, buy gifts ahead of time, or buy them discounted after Christmas

When I was younger, I didn't have much money. I worked when I was very young on odd jobs or delivering papers and on and on. I purchased things when they were on sale, and then at Christmas time, I gave those things to my friends and family. Had I waited for times when my parents could drive me with all of the traffic and ruckus, then it would have made them and me...miserable.

We didn't buy tons of things for each other. We bought one thing. We did however do many kind things all year long for each other, and treated each other with respect, and sometimes did buy an inexpensive ice cream cone for one another.

As I got older, my parents wanted to buy things for me, but often bought things I didn't need or desire. They gave me Christmas money instead and saved themselves the hassle, and then sometimes many months later, I'd purchase things on sale that I did need. I bought a very good recurve bow that way. I bought many like new clothes and books at the Salvation Army store.

Maybe on rare occasions, I bought some new shirts to look good. I bought quality merchandise that would hold up, and took care of it. My friends spent a lot of money on clothes, but you know, I dated just as much if not more than them.

How much are frozen turkeys today now that Thanksgiving is past? Who will have money after Christmas? The stores will have to lower prices on some things, not all due to inflation, but in the short term they need that floor space for incoming inventory.

You don't need that thing right now. That's the guaranteed way to spend the most for it. If you're an old fart, you know that calculators, microwave ovens, VCRs, and DVD players were very expensive when they first came out. Why in the world would you teach your children to buy these things the very first day they're first sold. That is lunacy. Have some priorities. I never thought of my parents as “tightwads”. If your kids will think that, then you've taught them something wrong along the way.
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