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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The instability created by returning veterans who can't find employment

At one time, many of our nations created things and provided services. In time, many nations decided to enter into Free Trade agreements. This fostered economic investment in nations with lower development, and in time, many industries relocated to these countries. That transferal of jobs resulted in a transformation of many Western nations. The loss of the product producing jobs was countered by a rise in service industry jobs...for a time. Since many corporations were purchased by large corporations that had invested in the relocation of product-producing jobs, it was relatively simple to also create service industry jobs in these new places. Western nations saw a loss of both kinds of jobs and higher unemployment and instability.

For a large amount of time, many nations have invested in military spending. Now with such high deficit spending, and since defense spending truly produces no income on its own, military cutbacks are inevitable. Investment in defense has always been at the forefront of technology, but without a transferal to civilian use, it has no value as an income producing industry.

In history, the only way defense spending generated wealth was by sacking cities and taking their wealth. Or the rebuilding of their infrastructure post-war was a means of creating stability and generating the sale of products (from the winners) towards that rebuilding effort. The fear was a loss of leadership coupled with a loss of infrastructure would lead to chaos and revolution.

Where will all these returning veterans work with a hammered global economy, and a push for decreasing government spending, and an increase in corporate and business taxes, and an increase in healthcare costs driving a reduction in worker's hours or even a lesser need for workers at all?

Historically, returning veterans without work or an ability to purchase property and begin agriculture, became very problematic for the stability of their nations. Today many returning veterans re-enter the workforce instead. Remember that many who entered military service don't do it as a career, but as a means of getting education and experience for future employment. They sublimated their desire for income by military service, promises of a future, and patriotism. It's certain to create conflict, don't you think?

We already have 46 million in the US on food assistance and other government benefits. Many have had multiple extensions, and now that the elections are over, and benefits are being allowed to lapse. This also will cause instability, and even homelessness. It also will push many to seek employment actively, and put more strain on the job market with employers unlikely to hire folks due to taxes and the health care programs, and many workers competing for the same jobs.

You might not realize it, but many retirees are working and collecting their Social Security benefits plus their pensions. Why? The rate of inflation has diminished the value of these fixed benefits. Those checks don't go as far and purchase smaller amounts of the same things. Likewise many people have lost wealth as a result of a drop in value of their variable investments in the stock market and mutual funds. Since retirees hold major portions of that wealth and lost wealth, many have gone back to work, and younger people are also competing with retirees.

In many cases, traditional youth jobs in the service industry are being done by retirees. In addition 50% of college graduates are working in service jobs and underemployed (not full-time) and not in their area of expertise. Many of these workers are seeing a cut-back in their hours due to Obamacare.

There are major unemployment and underemployment pressures now, and the returning veterans may be the straw that broke the camels back.
[link to www.presstv.ir]
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