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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Preparedness is self-directed

Having been caught in a ban recently, I think I'm done. I hope this topic has been helpful to anyone who likes to prepare. I think on average, it took me two hours of every day to create postings that would be genuinely helpful in any disaster, or merely to live life to the fullest by practical skill use. It was my contribution to GLP as a way of paying back mentors and kindness that others showed to me.

Real preparedness is self-directed, isn't it? Don't expect to read something and then by absorption gain knowledge to aid yourself when the SHTF. Instead of reading my posts, and using me as a crutch, or as an idea generator, stop learning and start thinking, experimenting, researching your own ideas.

Become a cook not watch cooks on television. Exercise, don't watch athletes perform sports on TV. Grow a garden, don't buy everything at the grocery store. It's pretty simple.

All people suspect that a disaster can happen to them based upon a loss of resources. Those kinds of doom will happen to you in your lifetime. I guarantee it. Having prepared for them YOURSELF will make a more fully actualized human being.

Hard work and sweat makes muscles, increases dendrites in the brain to realize connections, and brings joy. Only you can do it.
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