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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Staying calm when all around you seem to be losing it

We're approaching a seasonally rough period with Christmas right around the corner, as well as the hyped Mayan 2012 business, Nibiru, etc. You need to be taking good care of yourselves, doing something that energizes but also relaxes you. A lot of people may end up needing your help in the days to come; hopefully not, but it's within the realm of possibility.

Find things that center you. Everyone needs something greater than themselves. It might be a cause or spirituality. Do what works best for you.

Find some quiet time to reflect as well as finish up your planning. Try to wake up 30 minutes early as witness a sunrise, or pay special attention to a sunset. Light some candles to make family time more special. Do things that build you up.

If we have some event, particularly at Christmas and with the Winter, then a lot of people will be especially stressed out. They'll react in a wild manner. You on the other hand will be calm and respond appropriately. Clear headed people are needed most during an emergency when everyone else is running around like chickens who just had their heads cut off.

Don't be infected by their bizarre reactions.

If you do have to respond with strength, don't waste a lot of time trying to convince people, but be decisive. Actions speak louder than words. Imagine what they need, and respond to that need, not to what they are saying.

We are a tribal people at heart, who have altered our natural inclinations of building warm fire with firewood we chopped and raising animals and crops, and become shadows of what we could be. It causes an existential crisis in humanity, and when stressed, that warrior spirit exerts itself for dominance. Be a soldier instead: trained, disciplined, calm, focused.
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