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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Reports of people maxing out their credit cards

I haven't heard of this happening ...yet, but it's something to expect to happen. Most people don't prepare whatsoever. You've probably been in a grocery store as news hits of an approaching storm, and seen a lot of people begin to act strangely. Some people don't have adequate funds to purchase what they need, so they use the float period on a credit card to purchase emergency items.

If you begin to witness this happening this Christmas season, or hear reports of it from friends or the Internet, then it's a sign. It has more validity if it's happening by reasonable people, particularly if in a critical infrastructure role.

In an emergency, some people in leadership will have a "better safe than sorry" attitude. What could happen is a major tells his staff to "stock up on food or water", or a leader in a utility company, or a hospital administrator says something to staff members. If you see those folks stocking up, then you should carefully think of your supplies, think of deficits in your preparedness, and then buy what you need.

Minimize things that you want versus need. Especially limit perishable or impulsive items.

Remain calm. A lot of people will overeact. Others will notice and a frenzy will overtake more. Then that will get noticed. Already there are reports in Russia and China. The media loves this kind of human interest story as filler. It will happen in Western countries too.

Everyone loves to be suddenly respected for prepping. I urge you to be calm and careful about detailing what you have stored up. Be low-key.

Most probably all of this is hype. Use this time wisely instead by learning skills and checking and rechecking stock. Finish up seed purchases. Check your canning supplies. Think of any gardening equipment that would save you money like inexpensive drip irrigation. Think how you would collect rainwater. Don't waste money.

The more people panic, the more people tense up who have prepared. Find some way to chill out and take the operating tempo down. It's like that scene in Aliens where Ripley is speeding away the Armored Personnel Carrier to save everyone and is grinding down the transmission.

Remain calm and stay frosty.
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