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Subject UN awaits its guest from the Planet Gliese.
Poster Handle merci
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[link to www.myxnews.com]


Bill Cooper, in his report "The Secret Government" on 23/5/1989, approves the following: "The representatives of extraterrestrial contact with us since the days of President Eisenhower. They offered us help in our spiritual development. The main requirement on their part was the dismantling and destruction of our nuclear weapons. We have to stop one to destroy one another, to pollute the planet, ruthlessly exploiting the natural resources of the earth. We must live in harmony with nature. Americans are afraid to be helpless against the aliens, thought that the disarmament would not serve U.S. interests. Nevertheless, there was a specific agreement. It provided the following agreement.

The aliens do not interfere in the internal affairs of the United States and vice versa.
U.S. remains a secret presence of aliens.
Aliens U.S. supply advanced technologies and help in technological development.
They do not sign any treaties with other nations of the earth.
They have the right from time to time and in limited quantities to take to his people for medical research and monitoring of their development, but on condition that all these people are left unharmed, will be returning to the place of capture, will not be aware of what was happening to them. In the conditions also included that the aliens will regularly provide the government a list of all kidnapped and a list of all contacts with people.
Each party shall invite the other party appropriate ambassador for the term of the agreement.
United States and this alien nation will exchange for 16 persons on each side for mutual learning. While there are alien visitors on Earth, a group of people should go home aliens.
The aliens will be built underground bases, two of which are intended to be shared by aliens and the U.S. government.
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