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Message Subject Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
check out this youtube channel called TalessiansReality (i think that is spelled right), he has a whole video out today or maybe yeesterday, about an imminent FAKE alien invasion. interesting, a lot of people have said that this is the next move, a fake alien threat, to be revealed in 2011.

well, here we are in 2011 and it seems as though the powers that be (and i hear michio kaku is a shape shifting shill, but who knows) are setting us up for this new "thought implant" to replace the terror threat. and that the goal is a one-world government (under their control, of course--"they" being the elite) and the alien threat will be the method by which they implement the one-world government, just the way 9/11 was the excuse for the patriot act.

IF there really were an alien contact, I absolutely shudder to think that those soulless embarrassments to humanity would ever appoint themselves to represent this planet.

did you notice two interesting things about the MSNBC vid? first of all they keep putting this text on the screen "alien invasion, are we ready?" and "when aliens attack" or whatever (note use of WHEN rather than IF). second of all the guy at the end says well it could be a good thing because it would give us an excuse to implement a one-world government.

hmmmm..... i know this much: if those lying media fucks start announcing some alien threat this fall, i call a million bullshit flags on them in advance. the odds of a REAL alien threat just happening to coincide with them obviously setting us up for one, are just a little too remote.
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