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Message Subject Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?
Poster Handle Craze
Post Content
long time ago I had a dream.........
I saw the world in a red box [link to img163.imageshack.us]
I was looking from some where off this world...
it was me looking from some where else..looking down at the world

but I couldn't see my self... I heard a voice say
what is taking you so long!

I got the impression after that dream im not from here and I belong some where else... and there is a part of me some where else waiting for me

when I awoke I was so angry I was here...
someday I hope to go home to where ever that is

someday soon
so if there is an alien invasion bring it on get it over with maybe they are coming to take some of us home
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1502074

I had a crazy dream one time that there was massive amounts of people standing in line. They were all entering this huge craft. I didn't go in but for some reason my little daughter did and she came back and was crying. I asked her what happen and she sd that they took her skin off and it hurt real bad. It was so scary, I woke up right away. This was several years ago but didn't forget my dream.

Im just not sure the agenda for all this alien propaganda.
 Quoting: Craze

my daughter had a dream like that not long ago... but not entering a ship but people were getting operations to have their skin removed.. her father was one of them

basically she was watching people get skinned.........

I think cell phones movies and TV and internet are fucking us up all bad....

they pour shit into our minds.

none of us should live the way we all do now... and there are too many people on this earth.........

to much hate to much control...

its not earth its us

man is very fucked up
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1502074

Wow thats crazy similar. This was back in 1999 I believe when I had this dream.
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